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You Are Invited

Visitors are always welcome at all Bromeliad Society meetings and events.  Please see the "Join Us" box for more information.

Monthly Meetings

  • Monday, September 11, 2023
    6:00 pm

    Note: The start time has been moved up to 6:00.

    This meeting will be in the Great Room at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.

    Bob Smedley
    will present:

    "Alternative Mounting Media"

    Bob Smedley is a native of Orlando. He first was introduced to bromeliads in 1972 by his mentor, Bill Frase.  Mr. Frase always welcomed a tour of his garden.  It was like a small Cypress Gardens and obviously a work of love.  The garden and greenhouse tour would end with a collection of plants to take home.

    Bob is a landscape bromeliad grower.  At a BSCF several years ago, Tom Wolf gave a presentation on mounting bromeliads, and it inspired Bob.  Using old tree stumps was a great way to change elevations in the garden display, but the tree stumps quickly rotted away, motivating Bob's search to maintain the variety of elevations with more permanent options.

    Bob’s presentation will demonstrate mounting options that can add dimension to your bromeliad landscape.  Bob's artistic designs will hopefully motivate you to create your own bromeliad artwork.  Bob is a mixed media resident artist at Faith Arts Village of Orlando (FAVO).